About St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church

dd-300x225St Andrew’s Lutheran Church is a member congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). St. Andrew’s welcomes all people regardless of age, economic level, gender, race, ability, or sexual orientation.

If you visit St. Andrew’s, here are some things to expect:

We are located on Nassau Boulevard, 1½ blocks north of Hempstead Turnpike. If you are following your GPS, you will get lost, however, because you will be directed SOUTH of the turnpike instead.

We have a parking lot behind the church. Simply make the first two right turns after you pass the church (going north) or the first three left turns (going south) and you will find the lot at the end of Kilburn Road South.

We are completely wheelchair accessible. Our worship area is all on street level, and there is a platform lift down a half flight to the accessible rest room.

People dress comfortably at St. Andrew’s. In worship there will be some men in suits, others in casual shirts and jeans. Clothing should never keep you from joining us.

We are air-conditioned in the summer.

We have two worship services every Sunday morning. The 8:30 service is about 45 minutes long and has a couple of hymns, but is mostly spoken. The 10am service features an adult choir, a variety of types of music, from standard Lutheran hymns to camp music, and often involves our young people as musicians. This service goes 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes, depending on what is happening. Our basic pattern of worship is one common among Lutherans:

e-225x300* We gather.

* We encounter God’s Word.

* We share a meal at the Lord’s table.

* And we are sent into the world.

Children are welcome at all worship services of St. Andrew’s. During worship, if they are too disruptive, or just for a break, you can see and hear everything from our foyer (Lutherans call it the “narthex”). Parents are invited to come and go with restless children as needed.

We have Holy Communion every Sunday. Jesus Christ is the host at the communion table. All are welcome regardless of church affiliation. The pastor distributes bread and wine to everyone at the table – if you do not wish to receive, you may simply cross your arms for a blessing.

We have Sunday School for children aged 3 through the sixth grade. Children begin in worship then stay through the children’s sermon. Classes frequently come back down into the worship service during Holy Communion so that the younger kids can receive a blessing and the older kids can share in the meal. There is no Sunday School during the summer months and we encourage families to worship together.