Lenten supper and service cancelled

Sorry, but due to the expected bad weather Wednesday evening, our scheduled activities are cancelled.

Too bad, because evenings have been well attended and much enjoyed.

Several people were disappointed that they would miss the reflection on Sundays movie, Coco. Pastor will work that reflection into his sermon on Sunday. It will be videotaped and we hope to post it right here as soon as possible.

We thank everything who helped make our Lenten Midweek suppers and services a success. Our cooks, our hosts, our choir, Pastor John Jurik, our confirmation students, and all who attended.


Vacation Bible School registration OPEN

Our annual summer Vacation Bible School (VBS) will take place August 14-18. Registration is open.

Here is a link to the registration form. Print it out, and return it to St. Andrews by mail or drop it through our mail slot in the side door.

Have a blessed summer!


registration form

June newsletter

Here is a link to the latest issue of the “St. Andrews Calling” our monthly newsletter.








Book recommendation

I have been recommending this book every chance I get.

It tells the true story of Paul Kalanithi, a 37 year old man finishing up a ten year medical residency as a neurosurgeon, who is suddenly diagnosed with stage IV metastatic lung cancer. He wrote this book as he went through his treatment and the last couple of years of his life. It is not a big book, but it well written, honest, and real. It lets you walk with a cancer patient and his wife as he receives treatment, finds out what it is like to experience medicine as a patient, instead of a doctor, rediscover his faith, and deliberate whether to have a child, knowing he will not be around to help her grow up. There is humor. There are tears. The Afterward, written by his wife, still bears the stains of my tears.

There is a copy in our church book exchange. Get it from the library, buy it (and give your copy to someone else when you’re done), get it electronically, but get it.

Meet Dr Kalanithi here: spoiler alert-it answers one of the questions above.

And hanky alert…







Setting Apart service on YouTube

Thank you to Matthew Mage for helping to setup a YouTube channel for St Andrews.

Our first post is the video of the Synod Setting Apart Service. This service was hosted by St Andrews. Metropolitan New york synod bishop, Robert Rimbo, presided. Seven new deacons were set apart to the Synod Disaconate, including our own George Guinan.

Here is a link to the video.



We hope to start posting Sunday sermons and other videos of church events. We can use some help from people willing to learn how to use the camera, edit, and post the videos. Speak to Pastor.


Medical update

Hi. Sorry I haven’t posted for a while. But that’s about to change. Not only do I have things to share but we have new things coming, including the posting on YouTube of sermons and other videos from St Andrews.

This post, however, it’s for the purpose of giving the latest on my medical condition.

I had a cat scan at the beginning of May. The results were not what we hoped and prayed for. For the first time since my cancer reappeared in November, 2014, there was small but measurable growth in my tumors in the three month period since my last scan.

My oncologist, Zoe Goldberg, did not want to waste any time starting me on a new, stronger, chemo regimen. Only problem was I had a two week vacation trip planned (what’s that about us planning and God laughing?). I had train tickets to go see my mom in Florida for Moms Day weekend. Then I was planning to attend a Preaching Festival in San Antonio, followed by a weekend in New Orleans. All by train. After some thought I cancelled Texas and NOLA, but not Mom.

Started new treatment on the 16th. Side effects: less nausea, but it causes peeling and an acne like condition on the skin. True enough, by the end of the week I was seeing it and feeling it. It also makes my face, scalp, and chest very sensitive. Standing in the shower feels like little needles stabbing me.

Today I had my second treatment. My oncologist has prescribed oral and topical antibiotics, plus sent me to a dermatologist who has had some success treating this side effect. The good news, the worse the effects on the skin, the better the chemo seems to work. If you’re interested, the new drug is panitumumab. Given along with irinotecan and flurouracil.

So I will have another scan in a month or so and our hope is that it will arrest the growth for a little while longer.

So that’s where I am right now. Thank you all for your love, prayers, and support. It helps.



Holy Week Services

Maundy Thursday: April 13

7:30 pm

Holy Communion with individual absolution and stripping of the altar in preparation for Good Friday

Good Friday, April 14


Service of Tenebrae (darkness) with readings from scripture and literature along with hymns and anthems. During the service the lights are dimmed until we are in total darkness. Then the Light of Christ is brought back into the sanctuary as a foreshadowing of the good news of Easter.

Easter Sunday, April 16

Holy Communion at 8:30 and 10am

Easter Breakfast from 8:30-9:30am



Church Pictorial Directory Signup

It has been many years since we last put out a pictorial directory of the congregation. There have been many new faces since then. So we are doing a new one this year.

Lifetouch is the name of the company that will be doing this for us. There is no cost to the congregation. Here is what will happen.

Please make an appointment to have your picture taken. You may go on line to make it yourself or sign up in church between or after services. The dates are March 15-18. At your appointment, a professional photographer will take pictures. You will be able to pick one of them as a free 8-by-10 for yourself. You will also be given the chance to purchase additional photos. ADDITIONAL ORDERS ARE NOT REQUIRED. You don’t have to spend a penny if you don’t want to and we will still get our directory.

On line appointments may be made by going to (if link does not work, then copy and paste in your browser):


Everyone who makes an appointment will receive a free copy of the directory. Others will be able to purchase one.

This is for all St Andrews members as well as those who wish to be a part of our congregation.

my new hero

Cindy Stowell is my new hero.

I complain.

She competes.

Suffering stage IV colon cancer, a blood infection, and on painkillers, weeks away from death and knowing it.

Watch her.



December/January Newsletter

Here is the latest edition of the “St. Andrew’s Calling,” our monthly newsletter.

This edition covers two months, into January of 2017.

Just click on the link below.